The P1 journey in a nutshell

March came and went. We are almost halfway into October. How time flies!

C adapts well in his Primary school.

His school implements STELLAR programme for English and Mathematics.

There are no textbooks for the 2 subjects. C does mostly on worksheets.

He learns writing short compositions in Term 3. His writing has a room for improvement. He needs to remember his grammar rules such as a capital letter after a full stop.

He grasps Math concepts very quickly. He can do most of the Math questions. Sometimes, he makes careless mistakes.

The boy has homework almost everyday. He does them independently. When he needs help, he approaches his grandma. Else, he would wait for me or Papa in the evening.

There is a reading programme for P1 & P2. A student has to read a few pages of a book to a reading volunteer parent in the school library during recess.

C participated in the reading programme. We borrowed many books from nearby library. My mum helped him to read hanyu pinyin books with correct annotation. The efforts paid off.

He has passed the 100th book mark and received a gold badge for both English and Chinese. :)


The award chard for English books

In addition, the school sets aside 5 to 10 mins of silent reading before the assembly starts.

The programme and silent reading spurred the boy to read a wider range of fiction and non fiction books.

C was made a group leader in the first term and a class monitor in the second term.

His class teacher rotates class monitor and group leader every term. I like the arrangement. This gives others a chance to be one.

All in all the boy enjoys school and friends very much.

Didi is 5



Ethan, you turned 5 this month. I thank God for you. You make everyone laugh with your dry sense of humour. Everyone in the family enjoy listening to you from the way you speak. For me & Papa, your expressions are so funny with your broken tooth. 

You stuck to me so much that you requested me to go home early. But now you asked me to go home late after work (?!). I realised that it is your ploy to play games on grandpa’s tablet when I am not at home. You knew my rule – no games during weekdays and you cleverly turned this around. How much you have grown up. 

May you continue to grow in God’s wisdom and stature. Remember to honour your parents in every way. 

Happy Birthday, my boy!

2014: Reading journey

2014 was the year I tried encouraging my boys to read. I thought it would be good to write about their reading journey last year. So I can refer to this post and see the progress this year.

As a visual child, C prefers to watch TV or a movie. He does not read books that I bought. I was panicking as he was going to P1. For I know that reading will help him churn ideas for writing later in his primary days.

For a start, I let him choose a book to bring to church on Sundays. He will read while waiting for his Papa to fetch him in Sunday school or his lunch to arrive.

Slowly, I bought books according to activities we did or outings that we went.  It started to show some result.

Didi is the only one who LOVES reading. He will read any book that catches his eyes or that lies around. I love how his curiousity takes him to look around and read a book. He will flip through some pages and read what he is interested in.


On days I catch them read together.


Or read separately at the same time.





On days I catch the elder brother reading to Didi



Didi explored hand me down children’s encyclopedia books.


The books are thick for his age. That does not stop him from exploring. Like what I mentioned earlier, he flipped the pages and read what interested him.


Something like this:



And this:



On days when the elder boy reads alone. The photos below are really rare.






He got somewhat attracted to the title – The Dragon’s egg and brought the book to read while waiting for lunch to arrive.


I encourage the boys to read menu whenever we dine in a restaurant.




Didi reading a portion about planes.

Our reading journey continues. I hope to introduce a wider range of books for them to read this year.