Tear and tell

C has show and tell sessions in child care.  His teacher told me that he is not afraid to stand up in front of his classmates.  His sentences are, however, short and brief.  His speech is still not very clear.  I look for ways to get him improve his speech and speak a proper sentence.

I came across an article on Storytelling 101. I like the fact that storytelling is one way to bond with children.  I love the idea of tear-and-tell-tales.  There are many useful tips on how to get started.

I am not a good storyteller.  I gave it a try anyway!  I tweaked a little to make a session short.

It’s not exactly a story, but it is a good start.   (I keep the conversations real.  Please pardon the grammar.)

I tore a piece of paper to 3 shapes – circle, triangle and square.

Me: What shapes do you see?

C: Circle, triangle, square.

Me: Good! I tear more shapes. *tears tears*

C took the shapes and arranged like this:


Me: Can you tell me what they look like?

C: This is mask, covering the face (Pointing to the big triangle shape). And this is the helmet (Pointing to the circle).

Me:  Ok, good. This is a soldier. He has a helmet and wears a mask.  Now, you try and tear.

The boy was getting excited.  I watched as he tore the leftover paper.



Then I see this:

Me: Wow! What is this? (Pointing to the bottom left)

C:  This is dinosaurs.

Me: Then what’s that over there? (Pointing to the right top)

C: This is the egg. The line is to protect the egg.

Me:  Dinosaurs are busy eating.  The tree blocks the dinosaur egg so they won’t eat it up.


The boy was super excited.  He wanted to do one more before he called it a day!  I gladly let him tear more pieces.

C : This is hummingbird. And that is worm.

To add in a little drama, I acted as the worm.

Me: Oh no, the bird is coming.  I’m going to run away. (Moving the paper away as in running away).

C squealed with excitement.  The bird gave a good chase.




This activity allows the boy’s imagination to grow and encourages him brushing up his impromptu speeches.   I enjoy bonding time with C.  His excitement and laughter are priceless.


Try the paper tearing activity with your child.  It’s a great bonding time.

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  1. Aiyo! So creative! Might do this with my sonny some time! :)

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